Cake pop Flavors

T&Cakes Cake Pops

These hand-made, decadent treats are a blend of our delicious cake and buttercream flavors. They are rich and dense, dipped in Belgium chocolate and enjoyed on a stick. Experience the variety of flavors and beautiful designs like nowhere else. They are a perfect hand-held treat, and great for parties, too. We sell them just about as fast as we can make them!

Many flavors are created on a whim and enjoyed by everyone. Cake pops can be specially designed for any party or event. Call for our daily cake pop flavors, for us to reserve a selection for you, or to place a special order.

The following list are some of the flavors that we usually have available: Chocolate Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Vanilla Birthday, Lemon Lavender, Vanilla Raspberry, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Oreo Brownie, S'mores, Hangover (coffee, pancake cake pop). We also carry three seasonal flavors! Stop by the store to find out what they are! 

We often have Gluten-Free and Gluten-Free Vegan cake pops too!



& cake


T&Cakes Cupcake & Cake Flavors Boulder CO

Our wonderful flavors are available as CUPCAKES and CAKES. 

Our cupcakes disappear fast so we encourage you to call in your order so we may reserve them for you or prepare your special order. We are a imaginative bunch and love to offer new flavors daily so come in or call for our latest creations! 

Our delicious cakes are made to order so please allow us 72 business hours to create your cake from delicious start to beautiful finish. All our cakes require 48 hours notice for cancellation. Each of our cakes is a work of art carefully made especially for you.  Allow us to personalize your cake further with a favorite color, decoration or inscription. Please let us know if we can add any of our delicious fillings to your cake for an additional fee. Don't see a flavor that catches your eye?  Let us know if we can create a custom flavored cake for you!

Classic Red Velvet

Cupcake:  Moist and delicious red velvet cake, smothered in cream cheese icing.

Cake:  Our beautiful, classic red velvet cake. Filled and iced with our cream cheese icing. You'll lick the plate when no one is watching!

Chocolate Maple Bacon (very primal, very decadent)

Cupcake:  Chocolate cake, iced with decadent maple cream cheese icing. Topped with sweet and salty candied bacon.

Cake:  Rich and moist chocolate cake filled and iced with luscious maple cream cheese. Oh yes! Complimented with salty, sweet and smoky candied bacon pieces.

Cookies & Cream

Cupcake:  Timeless vanilla cake baked with classic crushed Oreos. Iced with vanilla buttercream. Topped with Oreo pieces (pass the milk!).

Cake:  Our traditional vanilla cake baked with a generous amount of crushed Oreo cookies! Filled with a blend of Oreo and vanilla buttercream. Iced in vanilla buttercream and topped with crushed Oreos. Pass the milk please!

Carrot Cake

Cupcake:  Wonderfully moist carrot cake (no nuts or raisins). Smothered with our cream cheese icing.

Cake:  Filled and iced with cream cheese icing of course! No nuts or raisins, we promise!

Salted Bourbon Caramel

Cupcake:  Rich chocolate cake, Iced with our unique salted caramel icing. Drizzled with our special bourbon caramel.

Cake:  Wonderful chocolate cake, filled and iced with our salted caramel buttercream (don't forget to breathe!) Drizzled with our rich bourbon caramel. Hello gorgeous!


Peanut Butter Stout

Cupcake:  A dense chocolate stout cake, loaded with sweet and salty peanut butter buttercream. Complemented with our own pretzel crunch.

Cake:  Dense, chocolate stout cake. Filled with our rich and tasty peanut buttery buttercream. Generously iced with your choice of chocolate fudge, or peanut butter  buttercream and topped off with candied pretzel crunch. The perfect way to satisfy your sweet, salty, chocolate and peanut butter cravings all at once!


Triple Chocolate

Cupcake:  For the no-nonsense chocolate lover. Moist chocolate cake, filled with rich chocolate ganache. Swirled with chocolate fudge buttercream. What perfection!

CakeFilled with your choice of chocolatey fudge buttercream or rich chocolate ganache. Generously iced in decadent chocolatey fudge buttercream. A chocolate lover's dream!


Lemon Coconut

Cupcake:  A light and tasty lemon cake filled our wonderful lemon curd. Topped with delicious coconut  buttercream and tropical toasted coconut.

Cake:  Light and delicious lemon cake, filled with layers of coconut buttercream or lemon curd. Iced with coconut buttercream. Topped with crunchy shredded toasted tropical coconut.


Lemon Lavender

Cupcake:  Lemon cake baked with lavender flowers. Filled with our wonderful lemon curd. Iced with zested lemon lavender buttercream.

Cake:  Lemon cake with a hint of lavender oil and lavender petals. Filled with layers of zested lemon lavender buttercream. Iced in zested lemon lavender buttercream. Sprinkled with lavender petals violet sugar crystals.


Vanilla Raspberry

Cupcake:  Our delicious timeless vanilla cake with loaded with raspberries. Topped with raspberry buttercream.

Cake:  Vanilla buttery cake, baked with luscious sweet ripe raspberries. Filled with layers of your choice of vanilla or raspberry buttercream. Iced in your choice of vanilla or raspberry buttercream. If raspberry icing is not specified upon ordering this cake, we'll fill it and ice it with vanilla buttercream. Delicious either way!


Vanilla cake

Cupcake:  Our vanilla cake iced in vanilla buttercream. A simple and delicious flavor!

Cake:  Our vanilla cake filled and iced in vanilla buttercream.


Vanilla Fudge

Cupcake:  Vanilla cake, topped with our fudgy buttercream. This classic is still a favorite!

Cake:  Vanilla cake filled and iced with fudge buttercream.  Get your vanilla and chocolate fix!


Birthday Cake

Cupcake:  Everyone loves our vanilla or chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles. Vanilla or chocolate buttercream. Sprinkled with the colors of the rainbow.

Cake:  The always-and-forever vanilla cake flourished with rainbow sprinkles. Filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream. Iced in the chocolate or vanilla buttercream! This cake can be made as a chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles within.  Please let us know your preference upon ordering.



Cupcake:  Our dense chocolate stout cake, filled with rich vanilla buttercream. Dipped in decadent chocolate ganache. Drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkles.



Chocolate Nutella

Cupcake:  If you love Nutella, this is your cupcake! Our wonderful chocolate cake, dolloped with Nutella buttercream and dark chocolate shavings. Oh my!

CakeCaught with a spoon in the Nutella jar? This is your cake! Moist and wonderful chocolate cake, filled with layers of Nutella buttercream.  Iced in Nutella buttercream. Need we say more?


Chocolate Almond

Cupcake:  Delicious, moist chocolate cake. Topped with almond butter buttercream (Invented for Kelsey, one of our brides!)

Cake:  Layers of our moist chocolate cake, filled with layers of almond butter buttercream.  Iced in almond buttercream. 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cupcake:  For the chocolate chip cookie lover of course! Vanilla Cake baked with chunks of our homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Topped with vanilla buttercream and pieces of our chocolate chip cookies. Drizzled in chocolate fudge.

Cake:  Vanilla cake filled with chunks of handmade chocolate chip cookie dough (wait, there's more!). Filled with layers of vanilla buttercream. Iced in vanilla buttercream and topped with chunks of chocolate chip cookies then drizzled in chocolate!

For even more chocolate chip cookie abundance, this cake can be made on top of a giant, soft chocolate chip cookie (for an additional charge). Please let us know if we further grabbed your attention with that upon ordering!


Gender Reveal Cupcakes!

Having a baby and want a fun and delicious way to find out if it's a Daddy's Little Girl or a Mamma's Boy? Let us make cupcakes for the occasion!

Cupcake:  Your choice of cupcake flavor filled with either pink or blue (or both!) buttercream. Taking a bite of this sweet treat is an exciting and tasty way to reveal the surprise!

Cake:  Pink or blue vanilla cake (or both?!) Filled & iced in vanilla, fudge or any other favorite flavor of buttercream! What a sweet and exciting way to celebrate the answer you've been waiting for! Let us continue the celebration every year with a personalized, fun and delicious birthday cake for your sweetie! It is our pleasure!


Gluten-Free / Vegan cupcake and cakes!

Our flavors include (and not limited to):  Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Vanilla, Chocolate Birthday, Chocolate and Vanilla Marble, Vanilla, Vanilla Raspberry, Vanilla Birthday, Cookies and Cream, Lemon, Lemon Coconut, Lemon Lavender...


Gluten-Free non vegan cupcakes and cakes!

Flavors include all of the GF/V flavors above and:  Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Nutella, Cookies and Cream.


over-the-top and out-of-this-world sculpted cakes!

Dreaming of the moon, stars and planets?  A spaceship?  Mermaid?  Fairies?  Horses?  Penguins?  You name it, we can create it!  Bring us your wildest ideas for an outrageous cake!